Python Programming

Duration: 60 hours training + Project Work + Evaluation Tests

Major Recruiters:

Siemens, JP Morgan, Nokia, Amazon, Capgemini, Accenture, Motorola Solutions, PayPal, Shelby Management Solutions, Vertafore, 6sense, Replicon, Softlabs, Ramersoft, Metadesign Solutions, Continuum, Simplicity Creations, iCastX Technologies, Synergy Top, Simform, BirdEye Inc., Arista Networks, Pure Software, Talent Integrators, Diametric Solutions, Onit, LTI, FireEye Inc., HERE Technologies, Amdocs, 3RI Technologies, Josh Software, Coriolis Technologies, LendingKart, Tokyotechie, Red Apple Technologies, Security Brigade, mquotient, Avalara, Net Solutions, Ocrolus, KTree, Ciena, Spaak, Technoarch Softwares, NICE, Codigo World, Kirat IT Solutions, Parexel, Blom Consulting Services, MBR Informatics, Samcom Technobrains, Creative Thought Informatics, Addpro Network, Genpact, Secninjaz, Blackstraw, ModeFinServer, Codal, Grid Logic Software, Syscort Technologies, Quantum Asia, Techlift Technologies, Oceans Technologies, Indea Design Systems, Intelact Business Solutions, Tech Active Solutions India, Calypso Technology, TechChefs Software, Dexcel Electronics, Net Solutions India, DealsCorner, Xcaliber Infotech, Oodles Technologies, Alt Shift India, Craftveda Technology, Kloudone, The Athlos, etc., and many more to come.

Designations Avg. Base Salary*
Python Developer INR 584000 per annum
Python Programmer INR 630000 per annum
Devops Engineer INR 638487 per annum
Software Developer INR 494270 per annum
Data Analyst INR 618000 per annum
NOTE: There are umpteen types of job opportunities, designations freelancing opportunities with wide variety of payment options other than the ones mentioned in this table and it is practically not possible to list them all. The skills you earn from this program combined with the skills earned by doing projects can catapult your career into unimaginable heights.

*Salary estimates are based on salaries submitted to Glassdoor & PayScale

Career Opportunities

Python developers are usually required to design and develop interactive applications. The relevance of Python as a programming language is predominantly credited to its efficacy in saving time, simple to read syntax and easy compilation features and the libraries that support the analysis, manipulation and visualization of data.
Many surveys say that Python is the most popular programming language for Data Scientists and is one among the preferred programming language in a varied type of domains including but not limited to Web Testing, Data Science, Big Data, Game Development, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Web Development and Frameworks, etc. The popularity of Python programming is rising and so are its career opportunities.
Many of the leading players use Python as their primary programming language and it’s a fact that renowned organizations like YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Quora, Reddit, SlideShare, Pinterest, Dropbox, and many more have their new code written in Python. In fact, Google uses Python as its secondary coding language.

Why learn from us?

Fast Track Program in Python Programming (FTP PP) is a tailormade job-oriented training program for Indian students. It was developed by a dedicated team of professionals and academicians over a period not less than 4 years of extensive and intensive research and practice. Institutes and online learning platforms that provide our training programs maintain very limited intakes to individual batches to ensure that Student: Faculty ratio is optimal for efficient delivery of classes.

  • Learning Type: Strictly LIVE Instructor-led and NOT Pre-Recorded Video Tutorials/WhatsApp Training. This ensures that students get to clear their doubts effectively and move forward to each chapter/session/module with clear understanding of the topics covered.
  • Instructors: The instructors at all NGJ Member Institutes are provided by NGJ and hence the quality of training shall be top-notch.
  • Cost: Determined by respective NGJ Member Institutes
  • Certification Test: The evaluation process of the certification test is transparent and efficiently conducted directly by the Board of Examination of NGJ and not by any of the NGJ Member Institutes.
Program Framework

Why code in Python – Some Internals

  • Why do people use Python?
  • What’s the downside of using Python?
  • What can I do with Python?
  • What Are Python’s technical strengths?
  • How does Python stack up to language X?
  • Most used python frameworks around the world
  • Companies in Bangalore and US working on python
  • Current Job scenario in Python (Why students should take this course seriously)

Different parts of the python program

  • A moderately complex python program
  • Understanding the structure of the program
  • How is ‘main’ in Python different from ‘main’ in other languages
  • Modules
  • Expressions
  • Statement and syntaxes

The Python Interpreter

  • Program Execution
  • A programmer’s view
  • Python’s View
  • Execution Model Variations

Briefly Describing Python Data Types

  • Python’s Core Data Types
  • Numbers
  • Lists
  • Dictionaries
  • Tuples
  • Files
  • User Defined Classes
  • Practice time: Students practicing all of the above types

The Dynamic Typing Interlude

  • The Case of the Missing Declaration Statements
  • Shared References

Files and Everything Else

  • Files
  • Object Flexibility
  • References Versus Copies
  • Comparisons, Equality, and Truth
  • Python’s Type Hierarchies
  • Built-in Type Gotchas
  • Practice time: Seeing Tuples and other concepts in action

Python Statements and Syntax

  • If / Else
  • Loops in python
    • For/While loops
    • Loop coding techniques
  • Decision making made simple
  • Practice time: Students write a few more, bit complicated python programs

Iterations and Comprehensions

  • Iterates
    • The iteration protocol : file iterators
    • Manual Iteration
  • List Comprehensions
    • List of comprehensions basics
    • Using List comprehensions on files
  • Extended List comprehensions syntax
    • Other Iteration contexts
  • Practice time : Students will write code to practice comprehensions and Iterations

The Documentation Interlude

  • Python documentation sources
  • Comments
  • The dir function
  • DocStrings: __doc__
  • Web Resources, Published books


  • Function Basics
  • Scopes
  • Arguments
  • Practice Time: Practicing different types of functions and identifying complex scope scenarios


  • Modules the big picture
  • Module Coding basics
  • Module packages
  • Practice Time : Creating multiple modules and linking them together in a program

Classes and OOPs

  • OOPs the big picture
  • Class coding basics
    • Class Coding details
  • Operator Overloading
  • Designing with classes
  • OOPs concepts in python context
  • A realistic example, creating classes from the real world
  • Practice time: Students design a class structure from a real world situation and see it in action
  • A look at the interview questions asked